Jin Lee: Artistic vibes Virtuoso

Jin Lee Artistic vibes Virtuoso Bridging Engineering and Artistry: Jin Lee’s Kinetic Explorations of Unpredictability, Structure, and Randomness In contemporary art, Jin Lee emerges as a distinctive figure, merging his engineering acumen with the profound expressiveness of kinetic art. His academic journey spans continents, with formative years at Berlin Art University and Musashino Art University […]

Nina E. Schönefeld: Artistic vibes Virtuoso

Nina E. Schönefeld Artistic vibes Virtuoso Breaking Boundaries: The Provocative World of Nina E. Schönefeld Emerging from Berlin with a unique Polish-German background, Nina E. Schönefeld has made a significant mark in contemporary art. Her educational path, which includes rigorous training at the Berlin University of the Arts and illustrious stints at Central Saint Martins […]

Dawn Woolley: Artistic vibes Virtuoso

Dawn Woolley Artistic vibes Virtuoso Dawn Woolley, an artist and research fellow at Leeds Arts University, presents “Rebel Selves” at Diskurs Berlin from 27.04. to 02.06.2023. She explores contemporary consumerism and the construction of gendered bodies through photography, performance, sculpture, painting, and video. Appropriating the visual language of popular culture, Woolley critically examines gender representations […]

Hara Shin: Artistic vibes Virtuoso

Hara Shin Artistic vibes Virtuoso Hara Shin: Breaking Boundaries through Art Step into the captivating world of Berlin-based multimedia artist Hara Shin as she challenges conventional hierarchies between technology, nature, and humanity. Through her film and multimedia installations, Shin explores the fluid relationship between the natural and artificial, the human and non-human, unveiling the intricate […]

Warren Neidich: Artistic vibes Virtuoso

Warren Neidich Artistic vibes Virtuoso Warren Neidich, an American artist based in New York City and Berlin, creates thought-provoking conceptual works exploring the intersections of art, science, and cognitive justice. Through written texts, neon light sculptures, paintings, and photographs, Neidich’s works offer a cross-pollination of ideas. As the founder and director of the Saas-Fee Summer […]

Li Zhenhua: Artistic vibes Curator

Li Zhenhua Atistic vibes Curator Li Zhenhua, born in 1975, is a renowned figure in the art world, actively contributing since 1996. Presently working from Zurich, Berlin, and Hong Kong, he has immersed himself in various dimensions of the art scene, including exhibition planning, artistic creation, and project management. As a curator for Art Basel Hong […]