Li Zhenhua Atistic vibes Curator

Li Zhenhua, born in 1975, is a renowned figure in the art world, actively contributing since 1996. Presently working from Zurich, Berlin, and Hong Kong, he has immersed himself in various dimensions of the art scene, including exhibition planning, artistic creation, and project management.

As a curator for Art Basel Hong Kong since 2014, Zhenhua has played a significant part in one of the most esteemed art fairs globally, bringing together contemporary art from top galleries worldwide. His expertise in showcasing diverse artworks underlines his influence and reputation in the art community.

Another notable contribution by Zhenhua was as an international advisor for the “Digital Revolution” exhibition at the Barbican Centre in the UK in 2014. This innovative exhibition delved into the relationship between digital technology and various creative fields like art, design, film, music, and video games, demonstrating Zhenhua’s forward-thinking approach to integrating technology with art.

Zhenhua’s commitment to film, particularly since 2000, highlights his dedication to promoting directors and documentaries. His involvement in producing significant films and active participation in the China Independent Image Exhibition since 2004 underlines his commitment to the cinematic arts.

His directorial roles across various international film festivals and art events further evidence his diverse skills and global impact on the art scene. His publications, such as Zeng Zhe’s “She is in a Different Place, Floating in Clothes,” showcase his curatorial expertise and deep understanding of contemporary art.

Zhenhua’s contributions have earned him prestigious accolades, including the “Curator of the Year” from the Art Power List and the Russian Innovation Prize, underscoring his significant impact on contemporary art. These achievements, as well as his diverse roles and global presence, firmly establish Li Zhenhua as a key figure in shaping the modern art landscape.