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Hara Shin: Breaking Boundaries through Art

Step into the captivating world of Berlin-based multimedia artist Hara Shin as she challenges conventional hierarchies between technology, nature, and humanity. Through her film and multimedia installations, Shin explores the fluid relationship between the natural and artificial, the human and non-human, unveiling the intricate layers of reality.

Shin’s art knows no boundaries, reconstructing alternative experiences and sensory perceptions in virtual and physical spaces. Using mediums such as VR, web, spoken word, graphics, and installation, her artwork exposes avatars, fragmented identities, and displaced realities. Gender roles, education, stereotypes, technology, climate change, and personal identities all undergo her incisive scrutiny. In her exhibition, she reconstructs perspectives, defying the colonized associations between technology, nature, and humanity and sparking contemplation on isolation and coexistence.

With a fusion of materials, nature, organs, and agents, Shin’s art transcends limitations, reshaping our perception of space and time. Interconnected micro-narratives emerge, forming a tapestry that defies conventions. This exhibition invites you to question established links, offering a fresh understanding of the dynamic relationship between technology, nature, and humanity. Embark on a journey of fluidity and self-reflection as Hara Shin’s art challenges and reshapes your perception of the world.



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