Dawn Woolley Artistic vibes Virtuoso

Dawn Woolley, an artist and research fellow at Leeds Arts University, presents “Rebel Selves” at Diskurs Berlin from 27.04. to 02.06.2023. She explores contemporary consumerism and the construction of gendered bodies through photography, performance, sculpture, painting, and video. Appropriating the visual language of popular culture, Woolley critically examines gender representations in social media selfies.

Woolley’s feminist critique of gender representations in media and consumer culture aligns with the theme of “Joy & Revolution.” Her diverse artistic repertoire includes performance, photography, video, and installation, which challenge gender representations. Still-life pieces like “Pacifier” and “Hysterical Selfies” portray the ageing body through commodification, exposing stereotypes. Through self-tracking practices and health ideology, Woolley highlights the inequality inherent in notions of personal responsibility.



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