Jin Lee – Beyond Line

http://utimes.berlin/storage/2024/03/UL-BL-Video-01.mp4 Jin Lee – Beyond Line Sound contribution: Gabriel Kleber   15.03.2024 – 12.04.2024   Opening  Thursday, 14.03.2024, 6 – 9 pm   Location DISKURS BerlinNovalisstraße 710115 Berlin info@discursus.infowww.discursus.info Facebook Instagram A Fusion of Motion and the Unpredictability of Lines in Kinetic Art “Beyond Line”, Jin Lee’s latest solo exhibition in Berlin, presents a series […]

Works of the Haupt Collection

Dora Tass: Holo$, 2017, holographische Emulsion, laminiert in Glas / analoges Hologramm, 30 × 45 cm, © Dora Tass · Foto: Hermann Büchner Cover Stiftung&Sponsoring 05.23 © ESV https://www.sammlung-haupt.de/ Works of the Haupt Collection Works of the collection presented in the magazine Stiftung & Sponsoring,Issue 05.23: Dora Tass: Holo$ (2017) Extraordinary is the glass object […]

Your Tails on Your Heads

Previous Next © Artists & UTimes Your Tails on Your Heads   Location  DISKURS Berlin   Novalisstraße 7, 10115 Berlin   Website www.discursus.info   Opening Thu., 09.11, 6 – 9 pm   Duration 10.11 – 01.12.2023    Artists Jessica Arseneau, Juan Pablo Gaviria Bedoya, Heyon Han,  Leniko Sennoma, Bea Targosz, I-Chieh Tsai, Lisa Wintermantel   Curator Hara Shin   Live performance: I-Chieh […]

Nina E. Schönefeld

© Nina E. Schönefeld & UTimes Location  DISKURS Berlin   Novalisstraße 7, 10115 Berlin   Duration  29.09 – 27.10.2023   German Version Below. An Antagonistic Journey Through Art Renowned artist Nina E. Schönefeld presents FUCK THE SYSTEM, a daring solo exhibition that challenges the established social, political, economic, and cultural norms and structures. Through this provocative showcase, Schönefeld embodies a […]

Dawn Woolley

© Artists & UTimes Rebel Selves Exhibition Dawn Woolley Rebel Selves critiques idealised binary gender and beauty norms in selfies and portraiture. A series of banners, wearable sculptures and printed garments create a performative installation space in which visitors can take queer selfies that rebel against these norms. During the exhibition opening Woolley will perform […]

It may sound utopian

Sandra Hauser – CURTAIN CALL Curated by Peter Ungeheuer Installation view, DISKURS Berlin, 2021 Photo Jung Me Chai It May sound utopian   Open Call: Exhibition-Relay Think about the alarming crises in the world. The spreading pandemic, racism and discrimination, growing far-right propaganda, international terrorism, and climate change are to name a few of the […]