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Olaf Schirm: The Science Artist with a Passion for Collecting

His fascination with the artistic realm stems from his Norwegian heritage and a treasured family collection.

The Schirm collection is an extraordinary treasure trove of modern art, meticulously gathered over several decades. While primarily based in Berlin, this exceptional assortment can be explored through our website or experienced in person on rare, appointment-only occasions.

Building a collection demands unwavering dedication and a discerning eye. Olaf Schirm has embarked on a captivating journey, immersing himself in art. He eagerly engages with artists in their studios, sparking lively discussions with fellow collectors and gallery owners. Through meticulous research, he delves deep into the intricate nuances of art that captivate him in the present moment. With unwavering passion, he eagerly awaits the discovery of that exceptional artwork that profoundly resonates with him.

Over the years, Schirm’s instincts and expertise have honed, propelling him forward as he continues to expand his collection. The fusion of his artistic drive, guided by intuition and knowledge, fuels his quest for new and remarkable additions.

For Olaf Schirm, being a science artist entails embracing both science and art’s breathtaking beauty and wonder. Each artwork he acquires adds another layer to his collection, weaving together a vibrant tapestry that vividly reflects his profound appreciation for artistic expression.


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