“Beyond Line“, the latest solo exhibition by Jin Lee in Berlin, merges the realms of order and chaos, inviting viewers to reconsider the notions of meaning and boundaries in art.

Lee’s journey in art begins with the simplest form – a line, which gradually evolves into more complex spatial forms, and further, these lines merge to form surfaces that delineate spaces. This exploration transcends the physicality of forms, delving into how lines interact to shape, segregate, and unify spaces and experiences.

In this exhibition, lines transcend their physical representation to become dynamic elements. Lee’s installations demonstrate how lines and boundaries, while segmenting the tangible, simultaneously unveil hidden potentials within spaces. As constraints and liberators, these lines challenge the audience to engage and infuse their interpretations into the artwork.

Featuring “24 Lines,” each following its unique trajectory, the exhibition presents an intricate dance of harmony and contrast. This concept gains further depth in Lee’s new site-specific installation at the entrance and rear space. Using a blend of laser, sound, kinetic movement and algorithm, these works unravel the latent possibilities hidden in spaces defined by lines and boundaries.

Educated at Berlin Art University and Musashino Art University in Tokyo, Lee skillfully integrates Eastern and Western art forms. His installations, recognized by accolades such as the ZER01NE Creative Grant, have captivated audiences from Seoul to Weimar, often themed around order, chaos, and serendipity.

“Beyond Line” is not just a media art show; it’s an immersive experience that beckons us to explore the unseen dimensions of space and perception.