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Joy & Revolution – Hara Shin, Dawn Woolley

DISKURS Berlin  Novalisstraße 7, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Opening Thu., 08.06.2023, 6- 9 pm 

Duration 08.06.-14.07.2023

Live performance – Dawn Woolley
– Date & Time: Thu, 08.06.2023, 7 pm
– Location: Diskurs Berlin
The captivating act within the installation pays homage to the iconic L’Oreal Infallible Sculpt makeup advertisement. 

Workshop – Dawn Woolley
– Date & Time: Wed., 21.06.2023, 6 pm
– Location: Diskurs Berlin
The workshop, designed to span approximately 1.5 to 2 hours, will begin with Dawn Woolley’s brief talk and introduction. This interactive workshop empowers attendees to express themselves artistically, fostering self-exploration and creativity at different levels.

Diskurs Berlin has announced the selection of two exceptional female artists, Dawn Woolley and Hara Shin, as part of the Joy & Revolution open call.  

The “Joy and Revolution” concepts are relevant in our social, political, and economic dialogues. Joy encompasses the celebration of life, the pursuit of excellence, and a deeper understanding of reality. As a transformative force, Revolution represents a means to instigate social change and address existing injustices.

The relationship between Joy and Revolution is subject to varying perspectives. Some argue that joy can act as a catalyst for revolution by challenging oppressive systems and structures. Conversely, Revolution can bring about joy through a collective sense of purpose and shared objectives. These concepts have a dynamic interplay, mutually inspiring and reinforcing one another.

Hara Shin delves into exploring alternative experiences, sensory perceptions, and movements within virtual and physical spaces, utilizing a range of mediums such as VR, web, spoken word, graphics, and installation. The artwork reveals avatars, fragmented identities, and displaced realities, shedding light on the influence of gender roles, education, stereotypes, technology, climate change, and personal identities. The exhibition reconstructs perspectives and reflects on isolation and coexistence by dismantling the colonized association between technology, nature, and humanity.

By merging materials, nature, organs, and agents, Shin’s artwork pushes boundaries and reshapes our perception of space and time, giving rise to interconnected micro-narratives that transcend limitations. Through this exhibition, Shin challenges the established link between technology, nature, and humanity, reconstructing perspectives and fostering reflection on isolation and coexistence.

Dawn Woolley‘s thought-provoking installation, “Rebel Selves,” confronts societal norms surrounding gender and beauty within selfies. Visitors can capture queer selfies that defy these norms and question traditional ideals. Woolley employs glitch and abstraction techniques to disrupt conventional modes of perception, urging a reevaluation of normative standards. The project aims to liberate individuals from marketable, individualistic identities and embrace a more inclusive and non-binary self-concept.

The performance references an advertisement for L’Oreal makeup, highlighting the perpetual need to present oneself as “selfie-ready.” Selfies contribute to self-surveillance and reinforce beauty ideals, often leading to diminished self-esteem. Woolley’s performance promises to engage spectators with its thought-provoking references to contemporary beauty standards and the pervasive selfie culture.

For media inquiries, interview requests, or further information, please contact:
Contact Name: Jung Me Chai, DISKURS Berlin


° Leeds Arts University kindly supports Dawn Woolley’s installation.