Warren Neidich

From the Society of the Spectacle to the Consciousness Industry

06.20. – 07.23.2023

Opening Tue., 06.20.2023. 2 pm

Digital Art Center, Taipei

No. 180, Fuhua Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan



Artist Talk 

Tue., 06.20.2023, 2:30 – 6 pm

Moderator and Organizer : Hsiang-Yun Huang

Warren Neidich
Mind-Models in Our Moment of the Consciousness Industry

Ying-Tung Lin
Fake News and Information ManipulationThe Polluted Epistemic Environment and Mental Mechanism

Alex Taek-Gwang Lee
The Invention of the Brain


Experience the exhibition “From the Society of the Spectacle to the Consciousness Industry” by Warren Neidich at the Digital Art Center, Taipei. Running from June 20th to July 23rd, this thought-provoking showcase delves into the themes of mind, cognition, and power in the digital age.

This neon sculpture, commissioned by the DAC and adapted for the Digital Art Center, is a striking symbol of our consumer society. The flickering neon phrases resemble digitalized brain neurons, influenced by the wealth of data available.

In our daily lives, screens and smartphones dominate, and we constantly engage in mental labour. Our thoughts and experiences shape a collective consciousness driven by the data we generate.

Search engines and social media platforms externalize our shared memory, shaping our perception and creating filter bubbles that control our view of the world. The relentless influx of information, crucial for the attention economy, distorts our understanding. We have become data ourselves.

Our physical bodies are inseparable from the digital realm, representing the embodiment of information. Together, we form an expansive network consciousness, toiling as overworked labourers in this emerging era.

Neidich’s artworks compel us to contemplate the intersection of technology, consciousness, and our challenges in the digital age.