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MOMENTUM is a non-profit platform for time-based art, active worldwide since 2010. Launched in Australia as a parallel event to the 17th Biennale of Sydney, MOMENTUM subsequently moved to Berlin’s iconic Kunstquartier Bethanien Art Center in 2011, with an on-going program composed of local and international Exhibitions, Artist and Curator Residencies, Video Art in Public Space Initiatives, Digital Archives of the Performance and Education Programs, and a growing Collection of international artworks. Positioned as both a local and global platform perpetually seeking innovative answers to the question ‘What is Time-Based Art?’, MOMENTUM serves as a bridge joining professional art communities, irrespective of institutional and national borders. Working on a model of international partnerships and co-operations, MOMENTUM supports artists and artistic innovation, providing an environment for professional development where artists can work, live, research, create, experiment, and exhibit while immersed in the vibrant cultural communities of Berlin. Visual languages continue to evolve in concert with the technologies which drive them, and it is the role of visual artists to push the limits of these languages. As the world speeds up, and time itself seems to flow faster, MOMENTUM provides a program focused on the growing diversity and relevance of time- based practices, exploring how time-based art reflects the digitization of our societies and the resulting cultural change – a question increasingly relevant in our (post)pandemic age. Since its inception in 2010, MOMENTUM has presented over 250 exhibitions, artist residencies, education events, and a diversity of related programming worldwide, showing close to 700 international artists.

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