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LNIB: Connecting Artists and Shaping Berlin’s Art Scene

Discover LNIB, the most successful non-profit artist network based in Berlin. Founded in 2014 by artist Nina E. Schönefeld and editor Marina Wilde, LNIB is dedicated to documenting and showcasing the vibrant art scene of the German capital. LNIB provides a platform for artists, curators, collectors, and galleries, fostering collaboration and creative exchange.

With LNIB, you’ll gain insights into the unique and thriving Berlin art scene. LNIB provide a platform for artists to showcase their work, curators to discover new talent, collectors to find remarkable pieces, and galleries to promote their exhibitions. By bringing together diverse creative voices, LNIB plays a crucial role in shaping and celebrating the rich artistic landscape of Berlin. LNIB is your gateway to the captivating realm of Berlin’s art scene.



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